About Torque Fashions Ltd.

Maintaining the compliance as per requirement of European buyers (Accord), Factory is GREEN standard. The Bangladeshi clothing manufacture’s share of global market are steadily growing in the wake of success of the Ready-made garments sector, Torque Fashions Ltd. is also willing to compete in the global market to provide best quality woven products to the buyers & achieve it’s desired goal. Torque Fashions Ltd. is a modern woven factory equipped with the latest automation Machineries from Juki and other world class brands which made in JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, MALAYSIA, TAIWAN, UK, THAILAND, GERMANY etc. Hence Torque Fashions Ltd wants to prove itself as a well-designed and well equipped one of the woven factory in Bangladesh, with skilled workers, breathing environment and relax working atmosphere. The Management of Torque Fashions Ltd believes that their main resource is there adaptable workforce.




Sample Section


Cutting Section




Quality Assurance



Torque Fashions Ltd. is having semi lab test facilities with latest and modern equipment.

Modern firefighting equipment and easy evacuation plan for emergency exit as per labour law policy.

Medical room with specialized doctor & nurses with emergency supporting equipment with medicines as per labour law policy.

Dining hall facility for all factory workers & staff as per labour law policy.

24 hours standby generator facility. Capacity 388 KVA, 350 KVA, 150 KVA , 250KVA & 700 KVA made in Germany & UK

Separate Prayer rooms for male & female workers.

Torque Fashions Ltd. is fully equipped with public announcing system (PA system)

Open space for every worker as per the internationally accepted compliance law.

Group insurance for all staff and workers as per labour law policy act 2006.

Day-care center for babies of female workers as per labour law policy.

Cooling fans fixed to the wall for breathing environment and to make the floor cool.

All over the factory well designed layout and fire evacuation plan for easy exit during emergency time.

All over the factory with security camera installed.

For emergency exit the floor is having enough numbers of exit gates


We are making below items from Denim and Woven Fabrics with Denim Washing and Garment Dyeing:

Men’s Long Pant / Shorts

Women’s Long Pant

Women’s Shorts / Skirt

Boys Long Pant / Shorts

Girls Long Pant / Shorts / Skirt

Denim Jacket / Vest

Overall / Dungry

Jogger / Jegging / Tregging