Torque Appeals Ltd.

Torque Apparels Limited incorporated in October 23, 2014. The project were planned to start as WASHING AND DYEING with immediate effect but since company bought another laudry SHAROJ WASHING & DYEING LIMITED at TEJGAON to use as own laundry and it was serving the purpose company did not build up the project. TORQUE APPARELS LTD is basically the sister concern of TORQUE FASHIONS LIMITED.

Now new demand from customer is to have SUSTAINABLE ECO FRIENDLY DENIM WASHING PLANT. Company forced go for Sustainable laundry to maintain there current business specially for jeans / denim with heavy washes. This is to mention that the present management currently managing the Garments manufacturing and having full capacity of compliant Screen Printing and Embroidery project. As company is doing 100% wash garments with heavy washes like

Gmts wash with
silicone softener
Over dyeing

Company has a laundry in the name of SHAROJ WASHING AND DYEING Limited at Tejgaon industrial area. But it is small laundry and can produce around 8,000 pcs pear day. On top of that area are structure are not suitable to make it compliant, As well GOVT has decided to change the TEJGAON INDUSTRIAL AREA to COMMERCIAL AREA effecting from 2020. So in any case SHAROJ WASHING cannot run at Tejgaon after 2020.

We also have the pressure from our customers to have ECO FRIENDLY DENIM WASHING PLANT ( less water/ less chemical/ less utility / less manpower / environmental non harmful for the people).
-To save water
-To save environment
-To save the world

So management has decided to set a ECO FRIENDLY WASHING FACTORY with following new technology:-
- Laser technology
- Eco friendly sustainable machine
- Efog technology
- Ozone technology
- ETP with zero discharge water recycling treatment

Since sister concern SHAROJ WASHING & DYEING LTD is having capacity to produce only 8,000 pcs and to handle the business through other commercial laundries management is facing lot of problem to keep the quality, delivery and some times not getting sampling support during the development season because to develop correct sample with correct wash is the key of denim business now.
This is also another reason for us to set up OWN LAUNDRY unit with full washing capacity for another 15,000 pcs per day in order to keep the continuous business and keep the growth rate.

In view of above requirement company is thinking to make a new composite laundry unit with suitable place near to TORQUE FASHIONS LTD. Off course with full capacity of own production which will give them extra advance to make quality garments with quality wash product.


Arges LG-3D-X7




3D/Crincle Oven

3D/Crincle Oven

CMT400S Sustainable Washing

CMK250 Drying


Tonello Washer Extract


Steam Heated Passat


Lavatec 330 Ls.

Denim Burning & Marking

Operating Laser


Wash Machine

3D Machine

After Laser

After Laser